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Each year Autism Aware UK will set aside a limited amount of funds which will then be donated to support schools/groups/organisations that support people affected by autism.

Requesting Funds


If you are looking to request funds from Autism Aware UK, then please check the following points below to see if you are eligible before submitting your request.

To qualify for consideration of funding you

  • Must be a registered school/group/ non- profit organisation
  • Must be autism related and benefit those effected by autism
  • Must not have had funding from us before
  • Must be a one off donation, not a reoccurring weekly/monthly/annual payment

If you are happy that you fit into the above crate then please fill out the application form below.  Funding will only be considered by filling out the below application form, email requests will no longer be considered as of 19th March 2016.

Please note that we can NOT provide funding for families or individuals.  Autism Aware UK is a small national charity with limited funds,  funding is given at the discretion of the trustee’s and they may wish to contact you for further information, in order to prioritise funding.

Applications will be reviewed by the board of trustees and a response given via email. Please note, due to the amount of funding requests we receive, if your application does not fit the criteria listed above you will not receive a response via email.


Funding Request