Your Challenges

Thanks to some very special people we’re being helped by personal challenges to raise autism awareness and funds for the Autism Aware UK.

Below are our supporters and their challenges for 2013.

If you would like to fund raise for Autism Aware UK find out how by clicking here , you can also set up a fundraising page for us on www,

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Thomas Cockerham (email)

Tom CockerhamI completed a 50K run last year in about 4 hours in aid of Autism Aware UK & it was a great achievement and i raised about £300

I really wanted to challenge myself this year so I decided to go for a 50 mile run, I’m already blown away by the support I’ve had so far. Please keep the donations coming strong its for a really great cause.

Please Visit my local giving fundraising page to donate by clicking here or donate through paypal by clicking the button below.

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Lois Rankin (email)

Photo 23-05-2013 21 01 21 I will be taking part in the 2013 Potters Arf Marathon on June 9th this year, in aid of Autism Aware UK. Those that know me, will know Im not a runner at heart but thought this would be a great challenge and a fantastic way of raising money for the charity. The run starts from Hanley Town Centre from 10.30am, so feel free to come along on the day to give me a little shout of encouragement (I “may” need it!)

This is going to be a tough one for me so I hope you all dig deep & make it worth the pain!!

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Fandoms 4 Autism (email)

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Fandoms 4 Autism launched last year to help Autism Aware UK to raise money for the National Autistic Society. It was a great success and we raised just under £815 for NAS through them.

This year we’re back and aimng to raise £1,000 but this time the monies we raise will go straight to Kim and Jon’s charity. We’re creating a compilation of not only multiple fandom fanfiction but also of orginal fiction.

If you’re a writer you can sign up here: and if you want to donate to you can find out how to here:

Here are the important dates to put in your diary:

Story Submission: All stories must be received by 11.59PM BST on Saturday 27th July 2013.

Receipt Submission: All donation receipts must be received by 11.59PM BST on Saturday 27th July 2013.

Compilation Emailing: We will begin to email out the compilation on Sunday 28th July 2013. Authors, feel free to share the compilation with your banner maker, beta and pre-reader.

Author Post Date: Authors are free to post their pieces on Saturday 31st August 2013.

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Amber Gradwell (email)

IMG_1906Hello My name is Amber, and I’m the niece of Kim and Jon Southall who run Autism Aware UK. Therefore this  charity is very close to my heart and I always try my best to help out and fund raise as much money as possible.

I’m going to be doing a challenge where I’m going to be wearing my Pj’s for 3 days on the 3,4,5 august 2013.

During this time I’m going to be going out into the general public. I’m hoping to get a few other involved with this because every penny counts. Last year I did a sponsored silence so this year it’s time for something a little bit different.

Please Visit my fundraising page & donate by clicking here


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